Electric pedestrian pallet truck, 1.6 t – 2 t


Its ultra-compact design allows for easy manoeuvring even in tight spaces.

Its long tiller arm allows a safe distance between the operator and the truck, which is particularly important in turns.

The steering stays light in any circumstance. Controls are located on an ergonomic handle to make your handling experience easy and safe.

It features a powerful, maintenance-free AC drive motor and develops a speed of 6 km/h even when fully loaded. A new handling experience!

Its fork extensions allow you to increase the width and the length of the forks – handle several types of pallet with a single pallet truck!

  • 24V 160Ah battery, external automatic charger
  • Battery status indicator
  • Creep speed button
  • Rollers and slides for easy pallet entry/exit
  • Long-lasting drive wheel
  • Hydraulic sideshift (JOLLY Tr series)
  • “Fruit & Vegetables” construction (Fork extensions to increase fork length & width)
  • Lifting points
  • High-traction drive wheel
  • 24V 240Ah battery (long chassis)
  • Customized versions

   JOLLY Brochure 
   General Brochure