Pallet Trucks-Special Version


We design, build and certify pallet trucks and stackers listening to specific customer requirements.


  • Jiant pinze

    Jiant pinze

    Carrello controbilanciato con pinze, adatto alla presa ed al sollevamento di poltrone, divani ed elettrodomestici. Portata nominale a partire da…

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  • CEET 12 Bevelled forks for coils

    CEET 12 Bevelled forks for coils

    Electric staker with 1,2t load capacity and lift height up to 3,200 mm The special equipment bevelled forks  enables the…

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  • CEE 1,5 t

    CEE 1,5 t

    Electric Staker truck, load capacity 1,5 t, lift height 1,600 mm Sturdy chassis to safety lift heavy loads. Tiller connected…

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  • CEE for coils

    CEE for coils

    ELECTRICK STAKER TRUCK for Coils It allows the capture of the coil by its soul and lifting to the desired…

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  • CEM Stainless Steel for tilting unit load

    CEM Stainless Steel for tilting unit loa

    Manual lifter truck with manual tilting unit built entirelly made in Stainless Steel Aisi304. The operator sets the materials by…

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  • TE Hd

    TE Hd

    HIGH LOAD CAPACITY ELECTRIC PALLET TRUCK TECHNICAL FEATURE Load capacity from 4 t  to 7 t Battery from 315 to 375 Ah Sturdy…

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  • TE with walk platform

    TE with walk platform

    Transpallet elettronico TE con piattaforma calpestabile per l’utilizzo lungo binari di corsia. La grande piattaforma calpestabile permette all’operatore il prelievo…

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  • HAND PALLET JACKS Special series

    HAND PALLET JACKS Special series

    P20 Special Designed & manufactured according to your requirements Fork length up to 3.500mm Fork width up to 1.500mm Ground…

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