CMB Multipurpose mini lifter


Multipurpose mini lifter, load capacity up to 500 kg


It’s the new-one lift truck that every day makes it easy your job!

With a load capacity up to 500 kg, CMB Mini-Lifter allows you to lift and move electrically loads during the working day.

Do you have to move 10 boxes of 10 kg each from the warehouse to the processing room? With CMB Mini-Lifter you can do it in the simplest way: load the pallet, move it electrically to the target area, lift the pallet to the ideal height where you do not have to bend you back to grab the boxes!

With CMB Mini-Lifter you have the solution to the problems of manual handling of loads in your company!

Do you have a truck and you have to make several deliveries thoughout the day? Use CMB Mini-Lifter instead of hand pallet truck. With CMB Mini-Lifter you will not be struggling to lift or push the carriage and you will see that it really passes in through all spaces, even where the hand pallet truck does not pass!

Thanks to the cushioned traction wheel, you can ride the asphalt road, cross the sidewalk slides and deliver the pallet to the customer’s door. And save time with using the hand pallet truck. So you will be able to make more deliveries during the day!

The frame is entirely made of steel for greater sturdiness & durability.

CMB Mini-Lifter is powder coated for superior quality & brillance.

It is equipped with long-lasting hermetic batteries, maintenance-free and exhalation; the charger is built-in so you can charge it wherever you are.


  • Load capacity up to 500 kg
  • Short or long forks for pallets of different sizes
  • Electronic traction motor
  • 2x 12V 80Ah AGM batteries, built-in automatic battery charger
  • Battery status indicator
  • Rubber castor wheels
  • Rubber traction wheel
  • High quality powder coating


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