High-performance electric pallet truck, load capacity 2 t


You can drive comfortably throughout the work day, because the ergonomics has been studied down to the smallest detail.

Maintenance-free, high-power AC drive motor (developing a power of 2.5kw) with kinetic energy recovery system. This allow to JIANT to reach 12 km/h and to you to archieve more in the same amount time!

Long battery life with  24V battery of up 500Ah (with 375Ah battery JIANT can work about 10 hours).

Special optionals such as fork extensions allow you to increase the width and the lenght of the Forks and you can use a single vehicle for different types of pallets; optionals very appreciate in fruit & vegetable Sector.

  • Shock-reducing stand-on Platform with soft side guards
  • Power steering
  • 24V 315Ah Battery
  • Automatic slow down for turns
  • Track-motion system
  • Full led
  • Forks with hydraulic sideshift (JIANT TR)
  • “Fruit & vegetable” version (high-capacity battery, fork extensions to increase fork lengh& width, load backrest, high-traction drive wheel)
  • Battery up to 500Ah
  • High-frequency battery charger
  • Customized versions

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