SILVER MC with fork arms

SILVER MC with fork arms

Stainless steel stacker with opening/closing arms

It is a hydraulic stacker with a single-column mast of great quality and sturdiess. Ideal for those who need to move the meat loading units directly from the edges (no forking). The stacker allows lifting height up to 1.800 mm.

It is built in Aisi304 stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene, washability and durability over time; perfect in the food environment for handling fresh meat and cooked hams.

The opening/closing movement of the arms allows the baskets to be securely attached to the outside for easy handling or stacking. This prevents the forks from sliding on the meats.

Fully washable (washability coefficient, maximum IPx6).

The dimensions of SILVER MC are ultra-compact to allow you to work easily inside the processing rooms.

Easy and safe driving: the special ergonomics studied in every detail assow you to safely grip the tiller with both hands and to use only one finger to gently raise or lower the load.

  • Entirely built in Aisi304 stainless steel
  • Load capacity kg 300
  • Lifting height mm 1.800
  • SIMPLEX single-column mast, front closure for maximum hygiene
  • 24V 80Ah AGM battery, automatic charger
  • Max coefficient IPx6 (min IPx4)
  • Raise/lower joystick with proportional technology
  • Fork arms with manual opening/closing
  • Traction motor with AC technology, energy recovery during braking, maintenance-free
  • Can-Bus technology for the control of electric motors
  • Speed creep button for drivin in tight spaces with vertical tiller
  • Aisi316 stainless steel construction
  • Fork arms with different measures
  • Battery up to 160Ah
  • High traction drive wheel
  • Customized version

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